Quality policy

The company AIMED is active in the field of distribution and technical service of medical devices. “Quality” for the company means respect for the customer and service of his needs in the best possible way.

To achieve the above goal the company is committed to the following:

  • Complete, immediate and systematic coverage of the needs of its customers.
  • High quality of its products / services.
  • Compliance of its products / services with the applicable legislative and regulatory requirements in Greece and abroad.
  • Immediate delivery of products.
  • Storage and preservation of products in a way that ensures their quality and their distribution by appropriate methods.
  • Prevention or immediate treatment of possible mistakes.
  • Continuous staff training.
  • Risk management and taking advantage of new opportunities.

To achieve the above, the company AIMED:

  • Establishes measurable quality objectives at corporate and departmental level, which it closely monitors through management reviews.
  • Has developed and installed a Quality Management System (QMS) according to the standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485: 2016 and in combination with the Ministerial Decision 1348: 2004 (Νο 32 / 16-1-04), related to medical devices.
  • Recognizes and provides all the necessary resources to meet the needs of the company both in human and logistical level, to ensure its smooth, efficient an effective operation
  • Promotes the continuous information and training of its executives
  • Continuously watches and measures critical parameters and processes to ensure quality and safety of facilities, products / services and staff.
  • Tries to achieve the continuous improvement of its products / services, processes and Quality Management System

The Management of the company appoints its representative for quality issues the Quality Management Manager Mr. Gabriel Mamaligas, with main responsibility for the development and maintenance of the Quality Management System. The Management of the company is committed to the implementation of this quality policy.



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